Eating Healthy Just Got

A lot Easier.

Healthy meal preps that save time and taste great.

How it Works

Build Your Own Meals

Don't worry, we have plenty of options. With our adjustable menu, you can select over 20 different combinations of meals with more options to come. 

Choose Your Delivery

Choose between our pick up location and personal delivery every Sunday. We can drop off to your home or place of employment.

Enjoy Your Meals

Use your meal preps during the week to save hours per week and help you achieve your health goals.

Injoy Kitchen Can Work For You

Too busy to grocery shop and cook through the week?

Have time but would rather spend it with family or on passion projects?

​Looking to get in shape, feel great and increase your energy?

I'm Chris Haywood, owner of Injoy Kitchen. I'm a personal trainer and fitness chef in Austin, TX. I started Injoy Kitchen from seeing my clients struggle with eating healthy.  The struggle my clients had was not because a lack of effort, but about inconvenience and conflict with life obligations. If you want to save hours of grocery shopping and cooking each week, and could use nutrient dense meals to achieve your goals, Injoy Kitchen healthy meals are just right for you.

Yours in Health,

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

I enjoy cooking but don't always have time to shop, prep and cook. Injoy Kitchen has provided a way I can maintain my healthy lifestyle without feeling guilty. It free's up my time to do things I enjoy.

Jessica Garay  Employment Specialist

As a consultant, I traveled every week and lived in a hotel Monday through Thursdays. Injoy Kitchen meals helped me eat healthy despite living out of my suitcase most of the week.

Larry   Anazia  Project Consultant

The Injoy Difference

Food is more than calories and macronutrients. Food is a daily tool we use to build or destroy. Used properly, we believe eating the right foods bring happiness, health, and satisfaction.

Our Food:

We like to keep it simple. We use real food ingredients you can pronounce and understand.  Your food is always dairy free, will contain no MSG or artificial sweeteners.

​Our Mission:

We like to dream big. Our mission is to help working  people stay healthy and strong.